Equate Scotland – These are what STEMinists look like!

This week was the Equate Scotland Student Network Conference and I took a super early train down from Aberdeen to Edinburgh to check it out. The day started with bacon rolls (always a good start!) and a warm welcome to the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. The day was split into two workshops, a panel … More Equate Scotland – These are what STEMinists look like!

Spotlight on Scottish Biodiversity

The Royal Society of Edinburgh ran the first Spotlight on Scottish Biodiversity conference this week in Edinburgh. It brought together researchers and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) from across Scotland to discuss the progress made in conserving Scotland’s biodiversity and how to face future challenges. It was a fantastically broad and diverse two days encompassing everything from wildcat populations … More Spotlight on Scottish Biodiversity

Alpine adventures

Last week I went to a workshop held in Lugano, Switzerland all about plant interactions. Much of the focus was on alpine plant communities (something I definitely didn’t know much about!) which made it a steep learning curve. But I did learn a lot about some really cool plant interactions in alpine and other plant … More Alpine adventures


I am currently studying for a PhD, looking at temporal dynamism and plant coexistence. Temporal dynamism is the timing of a process by a plant such as flowering and taking up nutrients. I am really interested in how different plant species and cultivars time their uptake of nutrients to minimise competition with other plants, and … More Hello